The Consulting Department of World Capital takes care of preliminary valuation of the property, with the purpose of guarantee the best real estate development and the best profitable commercialization.
It uses innovative and specific analyzing tools with the aim to mark a complete valuation of market and feasibility of the property.

World Capital gives Consulting service for all real estate sectors, from Industrial & Logistics to Retail, from Office to Residential and Hotel, especially for SGR, Owners and End Users.

Thanks to the Real Estate and Energy Rating service, the Consulting Department gives a property’s mapping, which is useful to know its performances, location, (structures, finishing), management and energetic portfolio and to improve the performance and competitive efficiency.

The Consulting Department guarantees a deep study of the action area through the Appeal Index, a tool which gives a first interpretation of territorial environment in which is situated or will be built the real estate project.

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Consultig Service includes:

Property R.A.M., an analyzing and evaluating real estate tool, which thanks to services as Rating, Appeal Index and Market Value, can give a unique identity to property;

Appeal Index, a number value which underlines the appeal and potentiality of an investment in a specific area or about a property/project, connected to its features and functions;

Market Value, an analysis which gives a general portrait of market and rent/sale values, which uses two tools: B.O.V. (Broker Opinion of Value), which analyses and evaluates the particular features of property, and a service of Survey, which checks values, measures and documents of real estate project, by giving it a legal aspect;

Memorandum (Investment and Lease), a useful tool to show the operating scheme, which supports the transmission of values;

B.D.O. (Best Development Option), a tool which analyses and calculates the best development of property;

Real Estate and Energy Rating, evaluation that classifies and places the property on the market at a private and institutional level, through the elaboration of a series of data connected to the building and the area; tool designed by the Best Department of the Milan Polytechnic, with which World Capital collaborates to release the rating certificate;

Feasibility Study, analysis which studies the feasibility of a development project (requested functions, budget, time terms and expected result quality), evaluating its feasibility.