Facility Managment

In addition to investment and consulting services, World Capital offers a Facility Management service. Often overlooked aspects of a property (building maintenance, electrical system, air conditioning, plumbing etc.) are important to us.

Thanks to a careful real estate management, through a detailed control of profitability, utilities, security and management of buildings and systems (electric, hydraulic, illuminating, conditioning, clean, food and concierge services, ecc…), we can guarantee reliable and optimal operation and employment of various properties.

The choice of service providers, the control and maintenance of the facility where the activity of your company takes place, and effective costs management. These are all key components of World Capital’s qualitative approach with the final goal of satisfying property owners.

The management of services and premises is essential to create a quality working environment. World Capital Group guarantees the smooth functioning and usability of properties.

Our service of Facility Management is characterized by 3 aspects:

Strategic aspect during the choice of various policies of management to adopt and during the administration of services and resources, to support the initial purposes;

Analytic aspect in the emphatic ability of understand the needs of clients and to identify new and useful technics and tools in properties management;

Managing-operating aspect in the management and control of all services dedicated to clients.

The Facility Mangement service includes:

Planning and technical assistance (electrical, plumbing, fire system, warning devices etc.)

Ordinary and extraordinary management and maintenance of buildings and compliance with regulations;

Warehouse arrangements and outfitting of working spaces (shelving, warehouse automation, wiring etc.)

Safety (Law 626) and company risks management.