Do you want to Sell or Lease your Property?

If you want to lease/sale your propertyWorld Capital guides you through the intermediation process or the real estate management, guaranteeing a qualified and tailored service, high know-how and strict confidence.

World Capital offers you:

– analysis of the context area and the market;
– identification of the specific potential target and research of clients;
– valuation of property and evaluation through specific marketing strategies
– realization of appropriate documentation of the presentation of property, through specific tools of communication (products description, brochures, videos, online/offline advertising, promoting on World Capital sites).
– management of visits and of all the transaction, from the commercialization to negotiation.

World Capital manages every type of property, from warehouses to shops, offices, residential, hotel all over Italy, and it has specific departments for each sector. It also has a research division, which works since years to realize daily analysis of real estate and periodic reports, and a communication & marketing division.
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