Real Estate Agency in Milan

The most comprehensive and widest real estate consulting service of World Capital addressed to owners, investors and users.

Heart of the group, the Division Agency, which responds to companies and individuals interested in buying, selling or leasing, with the purpose of use or to invest. Active in the fields of logistics, commercial, residential and hospitality, it accompanies step by step its customers in the research process and finalization and dedicate them a measured and qualified treatment.

Valuable guide in finding the most cost effective and appropriate solution, World Capital employs competent and reliable professional experts in the market, ready to meet the highest expectations and to be tailored-made real estate agency .

In order to best assist their customers in choosing the property, World Capital Agency makes use of “comparable asset “, a tool to support in finding the most beneficial among multiple offers, namely the nearest to the needs of the applicant.

The model provides the assignment of specific “values” to five parameters -budget, texture, location, type and timing -, crucial in any decision-making process of buying and selling, whose average weight is a numerical value identified in the degree of satisfaction.

Real estate brokerage for owners

Dedicated to owners of properties, areas or real estate portfolios who are intended to:

Sale the property

• Rent the property

Optimize the value and the income of the property.

From the analysis of the area’s background and of the market to the estimate of the property. From the commercialization to the process of negotiation, World Capital supports the owner into the trade offering legal, technical and commercial assistance.

Real estate brokerage for End Users

Research services, selection and trade of properties to buy or lease having the purpose of use, for working activities and for residential ones.

Market’s analysis 

• Estimate of the city planning 

• Comparable asset

• Property’s selection 

• Management of the negotiation

Real estate brokerage for investors

From the real estate development to the income investment, to the valuation of the real estate patrimony. World Capital’s team illustrates and suggests the real and most interesting opportunities, giving high quality of assistance and concrete data.

At the side of its client for the whole process, supporting them in the stages of:

• Market analysis

• Technical, commercial and legal estimates

• Selection of the rents’ range

• Management of the negotiation