Real Estate Investments

According to real estate investment, the division Corporate Investment of World Capital Real Estate helps own clients during the steps of searching and choosing the best Italian market opportunities.

World Capital counts on a professional and qualified team, which is ready to give a complete assistance during the selection of the best real estate investment. Through a rigorous, careful and deep process, we donate to real estate investor the most profitable solution and suitable to own necessities and we support it step-by-step by identifying the most interesting real estate investment.

We are at your side in the stages of:

Technical, commercial and legal estimates

Negotiation management

Selection of the rents’ range

Gestione negoziazione

Assisted advice on the buying and selling process

Real Estate Investment: Income property

Suggestions for Real Estate Investments

The Dean of the Global Investment*, Sir John Templeton, one of the wisest and the most respected investors in the world, has formulated the 10 efficient principles for every investor. World Capital reconsiders and utilizes them to the income investment, to maximize the yield and to a correct management of the assets. These rules are useful to success and to be not crushed by a bad weather.

1. Invest for gain: the first aim is the maximization of the net income. Since time immemorial the properties are a safety place for your investment thanks to their constant increase in value, the same will be for you.

2. Keep your mind open: diversify the portfolio and the strategies of the investment; evaluate the parts of investments: capital, increase of the value and income. Extend over the borders, bee flexible.

3. Do not follow the crowd, row against the trend, but be careful with the do-it-yourself. Competence, experience and method are necessary in real estate. Venture! Sir Templaton would say “if you are that brave to buy when the others are ready to sell, and if you sell when the others are restless to buy, you will get the best gratification”

4. Everything changes: “the markets are not always in fall, neither in rise…”.It is important to entrust to professionals in the field, who are careful expert of the market and of its dynamics.

5. Avoid the vogue: choose expert of the sector who evaluate the different investments’ opportunities with objectivity, not subjectively or emotionally. Be different…

6. Learn from your mistakes: “this time is different, the 4 words most expensive in the market’s history”. Carefully evaluate your choice: one mistake may be fatal!

7. Buy during pessimism while: “the period of maximum pessimism is the best for buying, and the period of maximum optimism is the best for selling”, the wise Sir Templeton says. Pessimism, skepticism, optimism define the market’s flow…. Act!

8. Go hunting of value and businesses: take no notice of previsions, trends and value’s research. Entrust who is able to change values in a deal!

9. Do research all over the world: extend your horizons, includes the world, greater opportunities will come and the risk of a mistake will be lower.

10. Nobody knows everything: “the investor who has every answer, may not understand the questions”. A company with a qualified and efficient team is the right consultant, not only a freelance professional.

* named as “The Dean of the Global Investment” from the American magazine ‘Forbes’.

Entrust the management of your real estate investments to World Capital.