Report Hotel 2018 – Focus City

Italy is the worldwide country with the major diversification of hospitality offer, both for kind and for quality; it’s leader for occupancy in Europe and it counts the major number of luxury hotels in the world and also for that reason it catches the attention of more and more tourists from all the Planet.

A hotel real estate patrimony of nearly 100 billion Euros, which generates tourist costs for more than 50 billion of Euros, nearly a third part of total spent in Italy, thanks to international demand.

By focusing on trends of foreign tourists, their costs in Italian hotels in 2017 was nearly 23 billion Euros, more than half in the province of Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples and Verona; these are some of the most interesting data revealed from new Report Hotel – Focus City of World Capital.

Focus City, the first of 4 focus which complete the Observatory on hotel real estate values in Italy, which analyses first the 4 main Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence); than we have a section dedicated to business-cities, the 10 main cities of Art and finally an analysis of Italian Villages.

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