Report Logistics Real Estate 2017-2

Report Logistics Real Estate 2017-2 – Positive portrait for logistics real estate market, with growing trends for rent, which is more and more dynamic and supporting the propulsion of e-commerce.

Compare to second semester 2016, we record a general positive variation in rent’s market. It’s interesting to highlight the increase of +12% in location as Piacenza, of +10% in Rome, of +9% in Caserta and of +8% in Rovigo.

This is the general data revealed from 24^ edition of “Borsino Logistics Real Estate”, realized by Research Department of World Capital. The 2017 finished with general volumes in line with those recorded during the previous semester, reconfirming the North of Italy at top of logistics real estate market.

Genoa records the maximum rent of 60 €/sqm/year, whereas the sale price reaches 900 €/sqm/year.

Focusing on Italy in general, Center records the best performance in Florence, which has a maximum rent of 60 €/sqm/year and a sale price of 860 €/sqm.

In South and Isles. Location as Olbia records a maximum rent of 50 €/sqm/year and 750 €/sqm for the sale.

Focusing on biannual variations for rent of new properties, we estimate a gradual increase, although it is slowly in increase compare to previous semester.

This trend is confirmed also in rent for secondhand properties, with a maximum of +6% revealed in location as Piacenza and Rovigo, +5% in Rome and +4% in Bologna, Bergamo, Naples, Padua and Parma.

Focusing on sale price of new properties, whereas, we record a gently transaction with a maximum of -3% in location as Olbia, Prato and Trento.

Also for sale of secondhand properties, prices show gently compressions of -4% in Piacenza and -3% in Olbia.



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