Report Logistics Real Estate 2018-1

Report Logistics Real Estate 2018-1, in first six months of 2018, the logistics real estate sector has been reacted positively to market’s signs, by recording an increase of 50% of new warehouse’s surface compare to three years ago.

The significant development of e-commerce and of retail sector has been moreover generated a decrease of 40% of vacancy rate, by contributing to a general increase of logistics outsourcing.

This is the portraying of 25^ edition of Borsino Logistics Real Estate H1 2018, realized by Research Department of World Capital.

This edition has a new section dedicated to great official transactions which have been communicated by press media, which in the first semester 2018 they covered 307.080 sqm.

Focusing on rent values of new properties, the top rent has been recorded in the city of Genoa with 60 €/sqm/year.

Always about new properties, the best performances at North are recorded in location as Milan (56 €/sqm/year) and Bologna (55 €/sqm/year), Naples (52 €/sqm/year) and Olbia (50 €/sqm/year).

Focusing on secondhand properties, whereas, North records the best performances in location as Milan (50 €/sqm/year), Genoa (45 €/sqm/year) and Bologna (44 €/sqm/year), in Center we highlights the performances of Florence (52 €/sqm/year) and Rome (50 €/sqm/year), whereas in South and Isles we highlights the performance of Naples, Catania and Palermo with 40 €/sqm/year.

With a national average for rent of 40.89 €/sqm/year, locations as Milan and Florence result to have an average rent which is majoir of 10.36 €/sqm/year for the first and 11.36 €/sqm/year for the second, an effect of the presence of a quality prime product and strong demand.

Concerning investments in logistics real estate, first semester 2018 results dynamic also for gross yields.

Finally, analyzing reseach’s trends, in lots of cases (50%), the request Is oriented on properties with measures between 5.000 and 15.000 sqm, whereas the average duration of transactions in rent swings from 8 and 12 months.



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