Report Logistics Real Estate 2018-2

Report Logistics Real Estate 2018-2, during the second half year 2018 the logistics real estate Italian market reconfirms its growing trend, with North at top.

By focusing on prime location of Milan, it’s interesting to highlight the positive variation of maximum rent of new properties, which is +7,7% compare to values recorded in 2014, unfortunate year for real estate in Italy.

In the same period, we analyze a light increase also for rent of used properties, which in Milan is +4,2%.

This is the portrait of new Borsino Immobiliare della Logistica H2 2018 of World Capital, which is focused on ecommerce, one of the most important driver of growth of rents of new products.

To better understand e-commerce’s trends, in this number there are some interviews of ALIS, Fedespedi, Amazon Locker and Tannico, connected to distribution and logistics, but also the challenge of home delivery.

In last years, in fact, logistics players are interested in warehouse with surface area more than 5.000 sqm, with 58% of demand connected to this case.

Concerning rent of new proprieties, prime locations as Milan (medium rent 54 €/sqm/year), Rome and Bologna with a medium rent of 50 €/sqm/year reconfirm themselves appealing destinations for logistics players.

Prime rent for rent of new products, whereas, are recorded in areas of Genoa and Florence, which reach a maximum rent of 60 €/sqm/year.

Good performances also for Naples and Olbia, which record a medium rent for new properties of 46 €/sqm/year.

Concerning rent of used properties, the sector is strong in North with prime location of Milan (maximum rent of 50 €/sqm/year), Genova and Bologna, both with a maximum rent of 53 €/sqm/year.

It’s interesting to highlight the performance in Center with prime location of Florence, which for used properties reaches a maximum rent of 53 €/sqm/year.

For rent of used properties, some prime area such as Rome (maximum rent of 47 €/sqm/year) and in South such as Naples, Olbia and Cataniam which reach a maximum rent of 40 €/sqm/year.

By focusing on rents, the national medium of second half year 2018 is 40,87 €/sqm/year.

Among rents superior to the medium, it’s interesting to highlight the differences of prime locations such as Florence (12,28 €/sqm/year), Milan (9,38 €/sqm/year), Genoa (6,13 €/sqm/year) and Rome (5,88 €/sqm/year).

Among rents inferior to medium, whereas, the minor differences are that of prime locations such as Piacenza (-0,87 €/sqm/year), Catania (-1,37 €/sqm/year), Palermo and Livorno (-1,62 €/sqm/year) and Cagliari (-1,87 €/sqm/year).

In the second half year 2018, real estate market of logistics reconfirms a positive trend in yields.

Yields are interesting in Bologna (6,3-7,2%), Rome (6,2-7,2%), Verona (6,4-7,3%), Genoa (6,5-7,2%), Piacenza (6,5-7,4%) and Catania (6,8-7,8%).

Prime area of Milan, whereas, records low trends values with a yield of 6% for new properties; although interest of logistics players is higher for that location.

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