Report Office 2016-1

Report Office 2016-1. 2016 starts in positive for Office Real Estate Market, with a general increase of rents, a progressive recovery of sector, which already started in past years, and slowly variations and yields, which reach 7% in Suburbs of Turin and Milan: this is the portrait drawn in new “Report Office Market 2016/1”, realized by Research Department of World Capital.

Encouraging sings in first six months of 2016, with a  general increase of rents in all prime cities, except for Eur in Rome (290 €/sqm/year) and the Center of Florence (250 €/sqm/year) and Bologna (200 €/year/sqm).

Yields are also dynamic with an increase of values, especially in Suburbs of Bologna (8,2%), of Padua (8,5%), of Turin and Milan (7%) with slowly contractions of city as Florence (5,2% in Center and 5% in Suburbs) and in urban area of Rome (from 7.6% to 7.5%).

The most request measures are in increase – continues Neda Aghabegloo – especially in cities as Turin and Milan, where we record the most request measure of 5.000 sqm in New Business District of Porta Garibaldi, most fascinating location for offices, then we have Suburbs of Milan and Eur and Suburbs of Rome with spaces from 4.000 sqm.

Finally, the vacancy’s time is stable – concludes Neda Aghabegloo – except for Milan, where we reach 10-14 months, whereas the vacancy decrease about 1 months in Center of Florence (from 9 to 8 months) and in Center Zone B and in Urban areas (rom 8 to 7 months) of Rome.



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