Report Office 2016-2

Report Office 2016-2 – Italian Office Real Estate Market continues to answer positively to recovery sings after the crisis’ years, by recording in the second semester 2016 a gradual increase of rents and faithful from national and international companies, with a major research focused on semi central areas.

The most fascinating prime locations are Milan and Rome, by recording significant positive variations such as Center Milan (500 €/sqm/year) and Center Rome Zone A (400 €/sqm/year) and Zone B (Rome 390 €/sqm/year).

Stable portrait for rents for other prime cities such as Florence (Zone Center 220 €/sqm/year) and Padua (Zone Center 170 €/sqm/year).

Concerning investments, Report Office 2016-2 continues, in the last months of 2016, office real estate market can count on faithful of institutional investors, majorly the international ones.

By analyzing market’s trends, moreover, among the most requesting productions we can fine those value added.

Investments can improve yields and they permit requalification of property to answer to last needs of market, more and more focusing on efficiency and efficient, or to a review of rent contracts.

The increase of request, more and more personalizing, of office spaces in principal Italian citieis, finally, has been generated the growth of rents.


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