Report Office 2017-2

Report Office 2017-2 – In 2017 office real estate sector is hilighted by a general stability of trends and light signs of recovery in all Italian prime locations, except for Milan.

In Milan, in fact, recovery’s signs started in 2016, becoming stronger in current panorama with a fluid increase.

This is the panorama of “Report Office 2017”, written by Research Department of World Capital. Frm this work, we highlight a gradual increase of rents, with investor’s faith more and more oriented on Central Areas of Italian prime locations.

By focusing on rent, it’s Milan to be at top of Italian office real estate market with a prime rent of 510 €/sqm/year, followed by Rome which records a rent of 350 €/sqm/year.

Always in Central Areas of Rome, we also analyzed new real estate developments, with discount tax superior of 10% and they reach 25% in Hinterland Areas.

Concerning time of vacancy, in Central Areas of Italian prime cities, except for Milan, the average recorded is 9 months.

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