Report Retail Fashion High Street 2017-2

Report Retail Fashion High Street 2017-2 – 2018 starts with a Retail High Street real estate market in Italy in positive, recording the best performance in prime cities such as Milan, which shop’s windows are ready for winter sales which will start Friday 5th January.

The Milanese Shopping Street concluded 2017 with a general trend in growth and with a strong interest of worldwide brands, which are fascinated to prime Milanese product and gross yields, which swing from 2,5% to 5%.

This is the portrait of Report Fashion High Street – 2017, realized by Research Department of World Capital, in collaboration with Federazione Moda Italia and Global Blue.

Among the Italian High Street, it’s Monte Napoleone to achieve the record of retail rent with a prime rent of 10.300 €/sqm/year.

In 2017 is Monte Napoleone to record the best performance, thanks to a growth of 34% of rents during 3 years. This portrait is positive and due to the exclusivity of prime product and to the research of spaces from international and local retailers.

Compare to worldwide, Monte Napoleone is at 6° place for rent before Oxford Street – West in London (14.000 €/sqm/year) and Avenue des Champs-Elysèes in Paris (14.500 €/sqm/year), whereas worldwide record is recorded in Firth Avenue in New York with 31.000 €/sqm/year.



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