Report Retail Fashion High Street 2018-2

At the begging of 2019 Italians reconfirm their faith for shops, while we record an increase of consumptions of foreign UE tourists in our Country, especially in North.

This is the draw of first three months of 2019 revealed from Report Fashion High Street of World Capital and Federazione Moda Italia, in collaboration with Osservatorio Acquisti Nexi, Global Blue and CCIAA of Milan for Federazione Moda Italia.

Focusing on Milan, during first three months of 2019 we have an increase sales for fashion by foreign tourists and the tax average has been of 11%.

Always in this analysis, we highlight that the avarage of tax fee is higher in boutiques of Milan with a value of 1.167 €.

Encouraging signs also for real estate values of Milan, here the prime rent has been recorded in Monte Napoleone which reaches the 12.000 €/sqm/annual.

In Monte Napoleone it’s interesting to highlight the vacancy’s value of 0, which we can connected to a prime and unique product, really appreciated by national and international brands.

Good performances also in Via della Spiga with a maximum rent of 7.700 €/sqm/annual and Corso Vittorio Emanuele with 6.900 €/sqm/annual.

Then we have Via Manzoni and Via Torino with 2.850 €/sqm/year and Via Dante with 2.650 €/sqm/year and Corso Buenos Aires with 2.500 €/sqm/year.

Report Retail Fashion High Street H2-2018 has finally a section dedicated to Palermo.

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