Our Story

With twenty-year experience, World Capital, italian real estate consulting and brokering society, is specialized in solutions for individuals, companies, funds and institutions of real estate.

Tailor-made consultant, World Capital gives to own clients a global and personalizing assistance, privacy and exclusivity, by supporting them from the search of property to its negotiation.

Operating in all real estate sectors, World Capital offers tailor-made solutions in:

  • Offices
  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Retail
  • Capital Market
  • Hotel & RSA

Above real estate areas, World Capital has a Research Department which realizes biannual Reports about different branches of real estate market, thanks to the collaboration of ICE, Confindustria Alberghi, Promos, Federazione Moda Italia.

Focus on new communication & marketing techniques, the Communication Department deals with strategic communicative plans and the promotion and commercialization of properties.

A story made of PASSIONS, DREAMS, SACRIFICES…but especially of PEOPLE


1990 Everything has been started in 1990, when a man, Andrea Faini, at top of commercial and residential division of its well-known familiar construction society, started to look around, with the desire of a professional revolution.

In only 10 years, Andrea discovers his deep curiosity for tertiary properties and he identifies in logistics sector a new area of business.


2006 Wishing to create a international real estate consulting society, in 2006 Andrea founds World Capital, tailor-made consulting reality, which continues to grow and it embraces all real estate sectors. Then World Capital develops specific departments for: Office, Retail, Logistics and Hotel.


The whole World Capital’s machine starts and the society becomes to take part to important real estate events (Mipim, Mapic, Eire, ecc…) starting from Italy and reaching different countries in the world, such as London, New York and San Paolo.

Thanks to its “international vision”, World Capital develops a Research Department, which starts to realize Reports about different sectors of real estate market, thanks also to the collaboration of influential authorities as ICE, Confindustria Alberghi, Promos, Federazione Moda Italia.

All that makes the society a original and modern dimension. Although, to be innovative and to offer quality services, it is fundamental to satisfy every need of clients, especially those who are looking for their “dream house”.


2008 For that reason in 2008, World Capital welcomes Personal Re – House & Villa, a personal trainer of residential real estate sector.



2009 Challenges don’t stop for World Capital, which decides to start a new adventure by landing in China in 2009 and taking part to one of the most important real estate fairs in Beijin: LPS Luxury Property Show.

World Capital takes also part as exhibitor to different cities such as Beijing, Shangai, Chongqing, Qingdao, Dalian, Wenzhou, Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Tianjin.


2010 After the first meet with the Asiatic reality, the society is fascinating to Chinese world, and it decides to establish a own Chinese legal seat with the “World Capital Beijing Consulting LTD in 2010, and becoming Counselor of Commercial Chamber Italian-Chinese two years later.


attività in cina world capital


2013 Everything is in rising for the Society, which in 2013 receives the prestigious award China Award from Italian Foundation China. This year is really positive for World Capital and gives to the company the opportunity to challenge itself also in Russia, where it takes part to the most important real estate fair in Moscow, the DomExpo.

Here, after the Chinese awards, also Russia decides to award the company for the best Italian stand for design.


The positive international answer pushes World Capital to bet on a new project: a unique Italian magazine in Italian-Chinese which promotes Made in Italy in China: E-Italy.


2014 An international reality, World Capital decides to compare itself with the Indian’s world, by starting an office also in Mumbai in 2014, while it establishes its own Italian seat in a modern palace in Milan, in New Business District.


attività india world capital


In 2015, the work of its staff and the prestigious faithful of Chinese clients permit to World Capital to inaugurates a third office in China, exactly in Chongqing, and to be considered the unique Italian real estate detailed consulting society.


World Capital is elected by Il Quotidiano Immobiliare such as the most communicative society in Italian logistic and industrial real estate sector.




The year of big projects for World  Capital, first realizing a wishing video to support project “Uganda Mission”, then with Real Estate Asset & Fund Management Cup, the real estate soccer match.



Today, World Capital, composed by qualified and multilingual team of over 30 persons, continues its mission: to offer a tailor-made consulting service in different areas as: Advisory, Agency, Investment, Property Management, Real Estate Rating, Asset Management, Facility Management, Space Planning, Corporate Solution and Consulting for every clients, from investors, to end-users, owners to multinationals, developers, banks, SGR and funds.



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